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Covenant House Georgia Celebrates 21 Years

Covenant House Georgia has been serving youth experiencing homelessness for twenty one years in Atlanta. CHG isn’t just a shelter, but an incredible non-profit that provides comprehensive support and love to help youth reach their fullest potential. For twenty one years, Covenant House Georgia has been helping youth in crisis and addressing their basic and immediate needs. Not only does CHG provide a hot meal, a shower, clean clothes, medical attention, and a bed, but they also provide sanctuary.

This shelter is a safe haven for youth experiencing homelessness and/or escaping human trafficking. CHG counsels, mentors, heals, advocates, inspires, and transforms the lives of homeless youth. They meet physical and emotional needs, provide assistance to complete schooling, and obtain employment. Overall, they teach basic life skills. Like creating a budget, living independently, and learning how to cook. As well as providing guidance through navigating past traumas.

Yacht Rock Review Band Performs Live at the Carlyle

To celebrate twenty one years of changing the lives of homeless youth in Atlanta, CHG hosted an entertaining event at the Carlyle Venue. They brought the Yacht Rock Review Band live on stage to perform for an evening in front of the Covenant House Georgia’s most loyal and supportive sponsors. Throughout the evening, the band belted out smooth hits from the seventies and eighties. Songs that make you feel good and imagine dancing on a warm beach. The band got everyone on the dance floor, dancing the night away and having fun.

After an evening filled with delicious food and drinks from the Carlyle and amazing performances from the Yacht Rock Review Band, hearts were full as people slowly left for their cars. And I’m pretty sure folks were reinvigorated to bump up their efforts in fundraising and sponsoring the awesome non-profit organization to help youth experiencing homelessness.

A tabletop with candles, flowers, and COVLOVE21 cards instructing guests how to give more to the Covenant House Georgia organization.
A table specially reserved for Delta Air Lines sponsors and guests at the Carlyle.
Covenant House Georgia staff gathed together on a couch at the Carlyle who organized this celebratory night.
These are the Covenant House Georgia staff who helped pull off this fabulous night of celebration and entertainment.
Yacht Rock Review Band talking to people inside the Carlyle Venue.
Before most guests arrived, Yacht Rock Review Band members talked with Covenant House Georgia director Dr. Alie Redd and CHG sponsors.
Covenant House Georgia staff member pointing out photographs of past events and talking about them with a guest.
Early in the evening, a CHG staff member talked about photographs of different past events with a patron.
Smiling guest Kimberly Euston and friends having drinks at the Carlyle before the Yacht Rock Review Band performance for Covenant House Georgia patrons.
Yacht Rock Review Band performing live onstage at the Carlyle.
Yacht Rock Review performers singing, playing their instruments, and dancing on stage at the Carlyle.
Sandy + Jessica Douglas smiling and holding each other at COVLOVE21 night at the Carlyle.
Delta Air Lines executives posing and having fun on dance floor in front of the Yacht Rock Review Band performance at the Carlyle for Covenant House Georgia.
Guests dancing and singing along with Yacht Rock Review Band performing for Covenant House Georgia guests at their twenty one year celebration.

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