High School Senior Photography Session | Chattanooga with Isaiah

High school seniors are so much fun and easy going. Isaiah was no different for his high school senior photography session in downtown Chattanooga. He met me at this cool blue bridge and we spent the next hour together walking in a circle around the Tennessee Aquarium. We talked about backgrounds, what he liked, and how he wanted to be photographed. As well as the sports he plays and how much he was looking forward to graduating high school.

For a late November day, we were blessed with good weather for his high school senior photography session. It was slightly breezy, which did great things with his hair. The clouds provided a nice cover, so he was never squinting. And it didn’t start to get chilly until we were finishing up and walking back to our cars. All around score for making this boy’s senior session a win!

Before we get started and I show you my favorite photographs from Isaiah’s senior session, can I just stop for a moment and tell you I love this blue bridge? I love the old support structure overhead; they remind me of the Midwest. Then there are these cool wooden sidewalks on each side for people to stop and enjoy the Tennessee River.

Blond high school senior boy wearing white hoodie, blue flannel shirt, and jeans standing smiling on blue Chattanooga bridge
High school senior boy standing at the corner of a building in downtown Chattanooga
Black and white photograph of a high school senior boy squatting in the middle of Chattanooga bridge
Blond high school boy sitting on white stone steps and smiling
Blond high school senior boy in blue sitting on a wooden bench under a bridge outside of the Tennessee Aquarium
Smiling blond man with hands in pockets while leaning against a black metal fence
Blond high school senior boy smiling at camera while leaning against glass corner of Tennessee Aquarium
Black and white photograph of high school senior boy standing with Chattanooga pyramid building behind him
Blond man in white hoodie and blue flannel shirt standing on bridge over the Tennessee River
Smiling blond man in front of Tennessee Aquarium
Blond teenage boy walking across street in downtown Chattanooga at dusk under red street lights
Blond man sitting on white bridge over a river looking to the side
Black and white photo of high school senior boy sitting on sidewalk against a stone wall and his arm resting on his raised knee
Senior boy leaning against a stop sign on a residential Chattanooga street corner with his hands in his jeans pockets smiling

Thank you for a fun afternoon in downtown Chattanooga, Isaiah! You made it well worth the drive up from Atlanta for your high school senior photography session. And now your folks have fabulous albums and pieces of wall art in their homes to remember this special time in your life. May you have an awesome next year as you leave high school behind and start a new chapter in college life!

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