Canton High School Senior | Sope Creek

Sope Creek is one of my favorite locations in East Cobb. Getting to share it with Josh, a Canton high school senior this year, was awesome. I love the old mill ruins. The fall leaves made it even more gorgeous. And the water levels were down enough to stand out on the shoals in the creek.

Josh’s mom knew she wanted a photograph for the family Christmas card out of this session. So her younger daughter and the family pup joined at the start. Then Josh’s sister took the puppy and we walked down the trail to the old paper mill ruins at Sope Creek for his senior photos.

He brought along a change of clothes, which was cool. Having multiple outfits is great for variety, but also for creating images for mom that don’t look like they were all taken on the same day. Which means mom can have more images of her favorite kid displayed around the house and it not all look like they were from her Canton high school senior photography session.

I love my high school senior sessions because the seniors are fun. And because I normally make mom my lighting assistant. It’s a fun opportunity on multiple levels. My high school senior gets to see his or her mom put to work and not be in a position to tell him or her what to do. In fact, it can be the opposite and he gets to tell mom where to point the light. But the better part of that situation is mom gets to really be a hero and make her Canton high school senior look even more fabulous! I love when moms can be part of the process like this! It makes such an incredible difference in the final results. Thanks mom!

Canton high school senior standing with his sister holding their puppy
Handsome teenage boy standing against Sope Creek paper mill ruins
Cute boy standing with thumb in jeans pocket next to East Cobb's paper mill ruins at Sope Creek
Serious boy standing in middle of old paper mill ruins
High school senior boy wearing a green sweater and looking at woods in Sope Creek
Canton high school senior boy sitting on a boulder at Sope Creek in East Cobb
Canton high school senior boy laying on a fallen tree with his hands under his head
Sun shining behind a Canton high school senior boy leaning against a tree in the fall
Canton high school senior boy leaning on his car in front of fall leaves

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