Legacy Lifestyle Newborn Session – Benjamin

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about our purpose. Why are we here? What is the ultimate goal? And what if it didn’t become clear until much later in life? Like when this legacy lifestyle newborn session is revisited with Benjamin. When Benjamin is grown and becomes a parent.

I’m a parent. Raising two teenagers. Whom I want to grow up to be kind and decent human beings. People who make a difference (for the good) in their communities. Who love others. And who know they are loved. Mightily.

So when I am invited into my peoples’ homes to document the love they share and celebrate the new arrivals, I can’t help but notice how they value each other. How they love each other.

That they intentionally invite grandparents into their lives (and photography sessions). How they can’t keep their hands off each other in simple gestures that the recipient can’t help but feel loved. No matter their age.

What to Wear In Your Legacy Lifestyle Newborn Session

When I arrived at Todd + Gara’s home to photograph Benjamin when he was five days new, they talked about an outfit change into shirts that Gara’s sister had bought for Todd and Benjamin. They wore matching shirts, except not quite. And it pulled everything together in my head.

We’re here to love each other.

Fiercely. So there is no doubt as our children grow up who they are. Where they belong. And that they are loved. Fiercely. Unabashedly. Unconditionally.

Five day old yawning big in his zebra onesie during his legacy lifestyle newborn session.
Smiling five day old in zebra onesie.
Five day old newborn feet dangling from mom's arms with band-aids on heels from hospital shots.
Inter-racial parents holding their five day old son and stroking his cheek during their lifestyle newborn session.
Parent hands holding five day old newborn baby boy by his hand and around his belly.
Five day old newborn being held on Dad's belly during lifestyle newborn session.
Dad's hands holding his five day old newborn around his legs and feet.
Grandma's hands holding her newborn grandson in her lap.

The Grandmas – They Don’t Need LEGEND Shirts

I adored these two moms when I met them on Todd + Gara’s wedding day. And I loved that they were present for Benjamin’s newborn session as the grandmas!

Both grandmas sitting next to their son and son-in-law during a lifestyle legacy newborn session

I have known Todd since 1999. And this is how I’ve always known him. Gigantic smiles. Top level enthusiasm. Fierce hugs that leave grown adults gasping for breath. He loves hard. Which makes me take no issue with his LEGEND shirt. It is on point. For his people, he’s all in. Gara and Benjamin? I’m certain they will always know how much they are loved in this family. Always.

Smiling Dad holding his five day old son.
Dad in LEGEND t-shirt holding his five day old son wearing a LEGACY onesie during their legacy lifestyle newborn session.
Tiny newborn legs and feet stretched out into Dad's hand.
Dad holding five day old son in his lap during their legacy lifestyle newborn session

Benjamin was only five days old, but I don’t think they had the blocks for that…

Newborn session photograph of Benjamin's shelves counting his age in blocks with a Blue bear.
Mom holding her newborn baby boy and singing to him.
Inter-racial parents holding and kissing their five day old baby boy during their legacy lifestyle newborn session.
Smiling mom holding her newborn son close to her chest.
New mom holding her newborn baby boy while swaying in front of his crib.
Mom holding her smiling newborn baby boy.

Even the Family Dog Is Included

Art has been in Gara’s life many years. Before Todd. Well before Benjamin. Yet he is a constant presence. He stays close and watches quietly. And while I’ve known him for close to two years to be one who inserts himself into the middle of what’s happening, Art kept his distance and watched from the outskirts as he assessed this new arrival.

Little family dog lying next to a coffee table with one paw curled into his chest and ears up in curiosity

Todd + Gara. I love the way you love each other. And I love how you love your moms. I really love how you love your son.

Thank you for inviting me into your lives. Your home. And of course, your private space.

Are you expecting a baby and want to stop time? Click here to start a conversation and talk about what you want to remember when your new miracle arrives. Whether it’s a legacy lifestyle newborn session that includes the grandparents (great grandparents if you want!) or just your immediate family unit…I’d love to document this special time for you!

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