How Are Wedding Days Remembered? – Todd + Gara’s Day

On a wedding day that spans twelve hours and a ceremony and two separate receptions between Macon and Atlanta, there are so many moments to remember. Stories to be told, over and over again. To this generation. To the next.

There are people who celebrated this day who made it even better by being there in person. Who were captured in photographs. Whose stories will be told to those they may never meet in the coming decades.

It makes sense when photography is so valued by a couple that they would want to have so many images available to share. To talk about. And to see every day in their home.

And when it’s a wedding day that is twelve hours non-stop, there is bound to be more than one image box needed to keep all of the prints stored safely.

Pear Tree Photography Atlanta custom wedding image boxes
Custom wedding image boxes

These boxes were HEAVY as they were filled with 4×6 prints for Todd + Gara to immediately enjoy when I returned their wedding day to them.

Image boxes holding 4x6 wedding photographs

After they saw all of their wedding images, Todd + Gara ordered this 20×30 fine art metal that floats on the wall.

Bride and groom kissing outside of the Urban Tree Cidery in Atlanta

And they also ordered these three gorgeous wedding albums with distressed leather covers debossed with their initials and wedding date.
One 12×12 to keep for themselves and two 10×10 parent albums to surprise their moms on Christmas Day.

Leather wedding albums
One leather wedding album and two leather parent albums
Three leather wedding albums
Inside cover of leather wedding album

These albums are identical in layout, carefully curated and designed to include their most favorite images and moments from their wedding day. That they can hold in their laps, feeling the weight of the album as they turn the pages and are pulled right back into how they felt during each moment. That will become talking points to rising and future generations as they tell their story. And the stories of past generations, family members, and friends.

Open leather wedding album showing the binding

There are spreads with images that take up every square inch of space, like this first one when their wedding album is opened.

Bride and groom standing in front of Macon church after wedding ceremony

And spreads like this that give context to parts of the day and what was happening.

Wedding party getting ready at Salon Kru in Atlanta

Like this shuttle bus ride from Atlanta to Macon.

Wedding party on shuttle bus to Macon

Like how Gara’s sister reacted after trying a new beer. And the exuberance of their nephew over riding in a shuttle bus.

Bride's sister making a face over gross beer in a shuttle bus

They will have images that pull them back into the happiness and joy at the start of their wedding ceremony.

Mom walking daughter down wedding aisle inside Macon church

The continual laughter and excitement that filled this Macon church during their wedding ceremony.

Wedding ceremony in Macon church printed inside wedding album

The moment after they were pronounced husband and wife.

First kiss as a married couple

The celebrating on the shuttle bus back to Atlanta with closest friends and family.

Wedding party celebrating on a shuttle bus back to Atlanta

The second reception of the day in Atlanta at the Urban Tree Cidery and just a few of the 3500 cookies Gara’s mom baked for the Pittsburgh Cookie Table that took the place of a wedding cake.

Urban Tree Cidery and wedding cookies

The toasts of hope and joy surrounding the start of a marriage.

Wedding party toasts and people laughing inside Urban Tree Cidery

The gathering of people from all over the country who came to celebrate this special and incredible day.

Multiple generations standing together for wedding photograph

And a reminder of the love and laughter that these two seem to always and indelibly share. Always.

Bride and groom holding each other and laughing outside of Urban Tree Cidery

Todd and Gara joined together in holy matrimony on the fourteenth of October in two thousand seventeen.
Surrounded by their closest family and friends. Numbering in the hundreds.
Because the start of a marriage is incredible.
Two adults don’t get to this day without having been impacted by hundreds of people to become the individuals they are when they make such a serious commitment.
After all, it takes a village.
It seems appropriate that the village would come together, from all over the country, to witness this event and celebrate together.

Todd + Gara.
You’re building an incredible legacy, surrounded by fabulous people who have no doubt made you who you are today.
May this legacy be passed down to generations.
With your photographs.
Your stories.
Your love + laughter.