Lindsey + Stephanie Are Officially Moms

Lindsey first reached out to me in March about a spring photography session. She and Stephanie wanted to celebrate the upcoming adoption of twins they had been fostering since infancy. The red tape with an adoption is challenging and frustrating, which led to court date delays on multiple occasions. We pushed the photography date out, but ultimately went ahead with their session at the end of April even though the adoption wasn’t final until the beginning of October.

Lindsey + Stephanie waited so long to officially be named the moms of Mitchell and Morton. It was an emotional day in the courtroom for many. Including meeting the first responders who saved the boys’ lives when they were born at twenty five weeks. Made me wish I had been in the courtroom with them to celebrate and photograph them together when officially being named a family of four.

In the weeks leading up to their session, we had numerous conversations, emails, and texts to plan out what everyone would be wearing and where we would go. I always want to make sure my people are comfortable in knowing what to expect, as well as ensuring we will be able to create the images they want in open and friendly spaces. Piedmont Park is a great location in Atlanta for all couples and families to celebrate their love!

When we met up, the weather was gorgeous and these two ladies brought along a friend to help carry changes of clothes for the boys and a few props. One of the smartest choices when wrangling two littles! These two moms knew they wanted to create very specific images to announce the adoption of their boys, so those were made near the beginning of their session and everything afterwards was a fun bonus.

Twin African-American toddler boys sitting in wagon with Superman adoption sign
Caucasian mom holding and smiling at her adopted African-American son
Two moms tossing their toddler twin boys up into the Atlanta skyline

Lindsey + Stephanie. I’m so glad you loved your photographs. Gifting each other huge images for your walls for Mother’s Day was wonderfully touching. That as a mom myself, made me love you two even more for how you value family and photographs. Thank you for trusting me to photograph your family and permission to show off your images!