Cowan Family Photographs In Canton

It had been awhile since the Cowans made family photographs. This is a normal opening line for conversations with me and something I hear from the majority of my people. Angela messaged me and told me they had made photographs when Nella turned one, but that was a while ago. And now Levi had turned one, so it would be nice to make photographs celebrating his first year. She knew she wanted to make the photographs in their home as a family, which I love for more relaxed and lifestyle sessions. Especially with littles…they’re on their homefront where they feel most comfortable. Which is always a good thing. They have toys and rooms and siblings and parents to show off. So we had fun and broke the rules and jumped in cribs and laughed and played and kissed. Or the parents kissed (you’re welcome, John) and the kids got kissed and loved and hugged. And I just encouraged the jumping and the kissing and the rule breaking because, well, it’s fun watching others have fun together.

One year old blond boy covering his face with his hands
Blond haired blue eyed one year old smiling on a rocking chair
Toes of little kids sitting on a rocking chair together
Mom holding her one year old in front of LEVI sign made out of race cars
Little blond girl jumping and laughing in her crib
One year old blond boy smiling at camera
Parents kissing on quilt while little girl watches and brother makes a silly face
Family of four standing in woods smiling together
Little girl hanging on swingset rings while her brother swings in a seat
Little blond girl dressed in blue butterfly shirt laughing
Little blond boy with mouth wide open
Brother and sister playing on floor grabbing each other's faces
Blond hair blue eyed girl laying on floor looking up and smiling
Brother and sister laying on floor next to each other looking up and smiling

Angela + John? You guys are fun.

So are your littles.

I bet the twins on the way will be just as much fun. It seems to run in your blood. 🙂