Family Photographs | Roswell Mill Park

I love when my professional headshot clients contact me again and ask, “Do you do family photographs?”

Yes! Yes, I do!

Choosing a Location for family photographs

First we set a date, finding the right weekend when we were all available. Since there were littles (well, not so little, but still in single digits little), we opted for the morning as they normally tend to be more content and cooperative at that time of day. Then we started discussing locations. I shared links and images to family photography sessions for other clients. We took into consideration how far we’d need to walk, if there was any risk involved (typically, I try to eliminate that for families with littles and save it more of the ones with teenagers…because that’s fun), and how crowded the locations might be on that date and time.

We went with Roswell Mill park. The parking lot is close to the park, so there’s not a lot of walking. Which is important for shorter legs, whether they’re doing their own walking or the parents are having to carry them. These littles get heavy after awhile! I remember. There are multiple backdrops between the covered bridge, the old brick mill building, the woods and trees, and of course the waterfall over the old dam.

Roswell Mill Park

I really love this location. Especially in the mornings when it’s less crowded. It’s easy to block other park visitors from view with how I place my clients. The covered bridge offers multiple backdrops, depending on which direction you turn. And there’s a lovely variety of backgrounds with minimal walking, which is great for families with young children. It allows us to move a lot and never stay in one spot for very long. Because you know these littles have short attention spans.

Beautiful family with two little girls wearing dresses standing together holding each other in the Roswell Mill covered bridge and smiling for family photographs
Sweet family standing together in Roswell Mill covered bridge with mom holding the littlest girl and the older one smiling next to dad.
Two parents taking a knee on Roswell Mill covered bridge and holding their daughters while all smiling for family photographs
Two sisters holding hands in front of a brick building wearing dresses and smiling
A family of four holding hands and walking down a boardwalk away from the camera and surrounded by a lush forest
Mom and Dad holding hands while walking down the Roswell Mill boardwalk towards the camera with their two young daughters while smiling for family photographs and dressed fashionably
Mom and Dad holding their two young daughters in dresses on their hips and smiling in front of old mill ruins
Mom and Dad squatting behind their two daughters sitting on rocks along the shoreline with the Roswell Mill dam waterfall behind them for family photographs
Dad holding his youngest daughter close and laughing while she smiles and claps happily
Beautiful mom with wavy hair nuzzling her oldest daughter and hugging her close while the two smile
Sweet thirty something couple standing close smiling and happy their daughters cooperated for family photographs at Roswell Mill

Thank you G family for having me update your family photographs at Roswell Mill park. I look forward to seeing your girls grow up as they are just as lovely as the two of you!

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