Senior Photographs With a Horse | Woodstock

Skyler knew she wanted to do her Woodstock senior photographs with a horse. Specifically, her horse Rooster. Even though he isn’t the most well behaved boy. He got a bit of an attitude after his bestie left him alone at Towne Lake Stables. And none of the other horses really got him, so they didn’t want to be friends because he didn’t respect personal space.

Rooster was not beyond bribes. He likes red hots. These candies were a good, albeit short-lived, motivator for him to stand at attention. However, he was not the best at keeping his ears up like horse people like to see. And he might have bucked his girl off his back a time or two. Apparently, not all horses like photography sessions or being told what to do.

If you have a rising high school graduate and want to make senior photographs with a horse (or any other family pet), click over to my seniors page and start a conversation. I would love to document your beloved beast with you and your crew. So you may always remember the fun (ok, maybe challenges?) you had together. The love that will only grow over the years, especially once your furry loved one is gone.

A horse named Rooster tied in a stable and waiting to be groomed
Woodstock high school senior pushing her horse's ears forward
A pretty blonde girl in a pink dress making a kissing face for senior photographs with a horse
A high school senior girl smiling while getting irritated over her horse pushing his ears back
Senior photographs with a horse while the two stand close together
Little sister in yellow dress holding her mom's arm. Mom is smiling at horse and has her hand on her high school senior daughter's shoulder
two girls in white sundresses walking their horse out of a stable at sunset
Senior photographs with a horse while the girl sits with legs crossed on his back
Black and white photograph of a horse in a stable

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