Atlanta Family Photographer {In The Middle Of A Senior Photography Shoot}

Remember this senior session I shared last week?  Victoria’s younger sisters came along for the afternoon.  This is Olivia.  She’s three.  And for the first half, she was shy as could be with me.  Smiles were not even a possibility.

But after an hour, she warmed up a bit and felt more comfortable.  She wouldn’t smile for me, but she would smile at her sisters.   By the time I met with this family for their ordering appointment and to review all of the images for the first time, Olivia was a chatterbox with me.  We discussed colors and animals at great length. 

Bella is nine.  She’s a tennis pro.  Or will be soon.  Most nine year olds play with different tennis balls.  Bella plays with the adult balls on a full-sized court.  She’s also a monkey.

With Victoria heading off to college next fall, it was important to her mom to get a photograph of the two of them together.  I started with natural light and then turned on the lights, which created a faux studio by making everything behind them pitch black.  Fun tricks.   On another note, you can now see where the gorgeousness starts and is handed down in this family.

Soak up these next nine months, Natalie.  I have a feeling they’re going to fly by and your eldest will be out of the house before you know it.