BrainCore Marietta Grand Opening

Melissa Hergert is a certified BrainCore clinician and has opened her own practice in Marietta just off the 120 loop.  I have known her for over a year through our chiropractor’s office where she used to work.  Melissa is one of my 2014 brides, which is a flip for me in getting to work with her in the year preceding her wedding.  Normally I get to know my brides better after the wedding has passed.  This is fun to see her embark on a growing path and to hear about how this neurofeedback therapy is helping so many patients!

 This is exciting for me, both because I am getting to know Melissa better, but also because I am getting to see her build a business around a neurofeedback therapy that I think can truly change peoples’ lives for the better by teaching their brains to function differently.  This is Melissa’s workspace.  A nice comfy chair for sitting in during the treatment session.

 Melissa stays in the room with you during your treatment to monitor how the brain is responding at BrainCore Marietta.

 During the therapy, you actually get to watch a real movie.  On a DVD.  Although, she will soon have Netflix.  The DVD player is connected to her computer which is monitoring brain waves through that special cap with the rainbow ribbon.  The computer makes the DVD stop until the brain is responding appropriately.

 I attended her Grand Opening ceremony where the Cobb Chamber of Commerce brought out their ribbon and gigantic scissors.  I love the look on Melissa’s face as she’s cutting the ribbon.  Those scissors were crazy big!  And sharp.

 I was truly amazed talking to others who were there and have been positively impacted by BrainCore Therapy.  Especially with children, who have battled anxiety issues and ADHD.  Hearing about how quickly changes started to be noticed by parents and teachers alike was incredible.  This is a non-medication therapy that has been proven to have no harmful side effects and positive results for the last forty years.