Woodstock High School Senior Photography

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing Victoria.  We had had our preconsult a few weeks before to talk about location, wardrobe choices and what kind of images she wanted.

 We talked about the importance of creating unique photographs unlike the normal senior photographs.  That would show her personality, along with guidance in posing.  But with the overall goal to look natural, candid, unposed and confident.

 We chose a hip, edgy location that isn’t your standard forest and waterfall backdrop.  Between nature trails, a bridge, old buildings in ruins with graffiti and a dam that was taken out of commission decades ago, we had an amazing location that created a wide variety of images in scenery while Victoria had multiple outfits to change it up and expand the number of photographs to choose from for an even wider variety in her Moment in Time book.

 Victoria had dark eyes, which were not sensitive to light, so she didn’t mind having the sun in her face.  This isn’t something I normally do because who wants squinty-eyed photographs of themselves?  But we were shooting for unique and Victoria was willing to try anything I suggested.  So we had stripes of sun crossing over her face (scroll back up to that first photograph) and then leaf shadows decorating her face and shoulders like henna designs.

 And then create more dramatic photographs together by using multiple lights I brought along.  With this, you will notice darker/blue skies that typically aren’t seen in natural light photographs (if skin tones look natural and flashes aren’t being used, skies will most often be white).

 I had one light set up with a large softbox to help the light spread evenly across the front of Victoria and then a smaller light behind to create rim lighting.  That is what is making the edges of her arms, dress and hair glow from the side and behind.

 Victoria is a dancer.  She amazed me with her flexibility and the amount of space she could between herself and the ground when jumping.

 Did I mention Victoria was fearless?  She was scaling buildings and walking along the top of them (and the dam that had a 20+ foot drop) like her feet were planted firmly on the ground.  I’ve shot in this location a couple of times prior to this senior session.  I’ve had many ideas about photographs I wanted to create and took some of them to crazy levels of drama with my lovely fire breather.  But this was the day where I wasn’t ever told no.  Victoria did everything I suggested.

 Which leads me to something I have been contemplating this past week about my photography and also my interaction with clients.  I strive to nurture a relationship with my couples, families and seniors that allows them to be themselves.  To feel safe in being a bit vulnerable.  Showing the love they share with each other or a more open, yet quiet side that is not always on display.

 But also allowing the space to try new things that you wouldn’t normally do.  Or have the opportunity in your daily life to accomplish.  To create memories together.  Of that one day, when you walked on top of buildings, avoided briars in the forest to stand next to the water, jumped out of windows and then closed your eyes to breathe into the sky with your hanging down in waves.  That day now has many memories.  More memories that will be in print than are shared here.  To grace your walls and bound in a book to treasure for decades to come.

 Victoria?  I think you’re pretty rad.  You amazed me with your willingness to try anything.  Like it was nothing.  And you made it all look so easy.  I’m wishing you the best as you finish up your last year of high school and embark on a college adventure pursuing the medical field.  You have the determination to go far.  So go far.  I look forward to seeing what you accomplish in the years to come.