Woodstock High School Senior Session in at Roswell Mill with Jake

There were only a few weeks of school left for 2019 graduates when Lisa realized she didn’t have senior photographs she loved of her son Jake. In the middle of finals, a multitude of AP exams, work, and graduation practice for him and me being in town very little between trips working in Arizona and Minnesota…we made Jake’s Woodstock High School Senior session happen on a steamy Wednesday evening.

We traipsed around the covered bridge and sides of Vickery Creek at Roswell Mill and talked about the past senior year. The classes he took. And expectations for the upcoming year in college. We also sweated. A lot. It was sweltering out on this afternoon!

But the best was really in creating a private space for these two to share how each has impacted the life of the other. I gather there’s much that they each named based on the tears and the laughs. That they are each so grateful for who the other is, not just as a family member, but as human beings. I love seeing these interactions, even if I can’t hear what they’re saying. Because what they’re seeing isn’t as important to me as just seeing how strong love is between family members.

Woodstock High school senior boy standing in covered bridge at Roswell Mill.
A teenage boy's Woodstock high school senior session inside covered bridge at Roswell Mill.
Woodstock High School senior standing in the Roswell Mill covered bridge.

I was thrilled to be able to photograph Jake with his mom, but not only that…see how much they genuinely enjoyed and loved each other. That’s the best.

That’s always the best.

Mother + son standing together inside the covered bridge at Roswell Mill during his Woodstock High School Senior session.

If you don’t have photographs of your kid graduating from high school and absolutely don’t want this time to slip through your fingers before he goes off to college, then contact Kelley to start a conversation about high school senior photographs before it’s too late.

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