Kimber And Devlin’s Engagement Session In Fort Myers Beach, FL

When Kimber reached out to me about engagement photographs, she told me that Devlin had proposed on Fort Myers Beach. She thought it might be nice to go back there for their engagement session in March. Rather than the middle of winter in Minneapolis. I thought this was a fantastic idea and was thrilled to meet them in Florida with temperatures in the 80s!

We started off in the shade and slowly worked our way around to the beach.

I just love sun flare. It makes me happy.

And reflections.

I loved the light on the beach as we neared sunset. It sparkled so gorgeously off the waves.

And the birds on the remains of this old pier!

They spotted dolphins. Not even fifteen feet off the shoreline.

Sunset came quietly. And quickly. We had been relaxing at a pub on the beach and noticed the sun dropping. By the time we walked back to the shoreline, the sun was gone for the evening. Much faster than we had anticipated.

Then Devlin put Kimber in a choke hold to profess his love for her. And we called it a wrap before heading back to the beach house they were staying in and they cooked up a most delicious sea bass. I was told it was as delicious as the previous sea bass, but I had no reference and thought it was most excellent.

Such a fun getaway for an engagement session to work on the beach and warm weather when winter temps were still gracing us in each of our hometowns!