Atlanta Engagement Photography In North Georgia Mountains

Last month, I drove two hours to the North Georgia mountains to make Claire and Will’s engagement photographs. Will’s folks and grandparents live up there, so we used his parent’s home as home base for a meeting place, outfit changes, and ending with dinner preparations.

 We headed out to Lake Vogel with their dog Luna in the backseat.

 Luna is a super rad dog. Much like her owners, she is easy going and just making her way through this life. Taking things in and enjoying the little things.

 She also has amazing ups.

 Luna was originally Claire’s baby before she ever met Will. They have been through a lot together. And now Luna is just as crazy about Will as her mom.

 We walked around the whole lake and checked out different spots, while avoiding the man made waterfall off to the left.

 While Claire + Will were happy to take a break, Luna wasn’t much of one for sitting still.

 We went back to home base to drop off Luna and then headed out to Sunrise Grocery to pick up a few things for dinner.

 Next up was Will’s grandparents’ property.

 By the end of our time out in the mountains as sunset was making its way over the horizon, it was pretty chilly. There might have been some teasing going on over being overly cold.

 These two were up for a bit of adventure. They climbed a tree that Will has been climbing for decades at his grandparents’ home.

 Once we made our photographs with the sun setting over the mountains, we went back to Will’s parents’ house so he and Claire could make dinner together. Luna is a good supervisor for ensuring everyone stays on task.

 Will made the tortillas from scratch.

 And they gave each other a bit of grief throughout the evening. I love couples who have fun with teasing each other.

 While Will handled the tortillas, Claire chopped cilantro and other veggies for the steak tacos.

 Claire + Will? I so enjoyed getting to know you both better on this afternoon together. I cannot wait to photograph your wedding next October at the Atlanta Contemporary Art Center. I know it will be a fabulous celebration with your family and friends!