Part 2 Atlanta Couples Photography Session At Atlantic Station – Justine + Michael

If you didn’t see the first part of Justine and Michael’s couples photography session, you should click here. This is continuing on through Atlantic Station after Michael bought a new jacket. What a difference a jacket makes when it’s so cold out! They started off with a ride on the elevator.

 And an escalator.

 Before we found an empty alley.

 How sweet are these two? They have necklaces that are puzzle pieces, keeping them connected even when they aren’t together.

 There were a few shenanigans in a nearby playground where we got permission to make photographs.

 Justine and Michael wanted to make photographs with him in uniform, but without drawing attention to themselves or disrespecting the Navy. 

 There was a leak in the parking garage ceiling pipes. I loved all the droplets falling down.

 Before heading to a local grocery store and back into civilian clothes, we found this hallway. It must have been 85 degrees inside. I loved it.

 I told you before these two are constantly laughing, right? So. Much. Fun. These two.

 It was important to these two to make photographs of them doing things that they love together. Of everyday moments. And so we incorporated a little grocery shopping into their session.

 Justine feels as strongly about asparagus as I do. It’s the one veggie I put on the table and tell people, “Don’t eat this just to be polite. Because I will eat your portion if you don’t like it.” 🙂

 There was intense discussion on determining when fruits are ripe.

 I love Justine’s expressions. There is no hiding what this girl is feeling.

 Afterwards, these two were amused with Justine’s expression and Michael’s apparent obliviousness to it. This is typical.

 And just like that, we were done. It had been quite the afternoon of activity and travel. They had close to a two hour drive to get home and were hungry. We all drove home in the dark and rain.

 This was such a fun couples photography session. My people make what I do so incredibly enjoyable. And in turn, I love giving them back their photographs and seeing their reactions to all the images at their ordering appointments. I also love being able to support our military service men and women. What they do means so much to me. Tomorrow, I will have an engagement session on the blog. Don’t miss it!