North Georgia Mountain Wedding In Big Canoe – David + Christine – Married!

Christine and David exchanged vows in the North Georgia mountains in mid-October. The day was absolutely gorgeous, with a break in the rain that we’d had for days.

 It was just a few weeks prior when Christine and I first spoke. The location was still up in the air. She knew she wanted a waterfall and a forest. The wedding would be a simple affair with only their closest friends and family in attendance. She only wanted a few hours of coverage to mostly create portraits and capture the ceremony.

 I arrived a little early to find the best man enjoying the screened in porch in the mountain home they rented for the weekend for everyone to share.

 David was ready early. Conversation and cocktails were enjoyed while waiting on the women to get ready.

 Neck tie tying lessons.

 I love these little love birds that Christine had made on Etsy.

 Fancy hair was appreciated.

 David’s daughter helped Christine’s daughter with finishing make-up touches.

  When you have your best friend of forty years with you on the day you say, “I do!” to the love of your life, there are bound to be some shenanigans. These two were fun.  

  The kids in both families had fun with each other, too.

 When Christine was ready, I followed them down to the spot they had chosen for their ceremony with a beautiful little waterfall. It was a bit of a hike, but well worth it.

 I think there was some teasing going on here. A temperature needed to be checked.

 The sun shining through the forest canopy was so beautiful.

 As we were finishing up their photographs together, everyone started making their way down the trail to the waterfall. Christine and David crossed back over the stream to greet them and talk about where everyone would be standing.

 Their close friend Bill shared a few private words with them before the ceremony.

 I love the adoration in David’s eyes as he looks at Christine and keeps her close.

 Some ceremonies are grandiose and amplified with microphones for hundreds. This ceremony was simple and intimate. Just as Christine and David envisioned, with only a dozen folks total.

 David’s expression is fabulous as he places the wedding band on Christine’s ring finger.

  Husband + Wife! Kiss your bride, David!

 Have I mentioned before that I love photographing weddings? Such happiness on these beloved days!

 After the ceremony, champagne and sparkling cider and toasts were shared at a nearby picnic table.

 And we made a few more photographs before heading back to the cabin.

 The forest had pockets of shade.

 And breathtaking sunlight.

 When we returned to the cabin, two bluegrass musicians were strumming away and singing just off of the kitchen where two chefs were preparing their evening meal.

 We snuck out to the deck for two last photographs before I said goodbye and left them to their people for an evening of celebration.

 I’m wishing you all of the best in your marriage, David and Christine. All of the best.