Do You Believe In Ghosts?

It’s been awhile since I shot this wedding.  I’ve never shared this image publicly, but it continues to perplex me.  And even though my wedding contracts grant me permission to use any image publicly, I asked specific permission on this one as I don’t want to ever embarrass or make my couples or families uncomfortable by over sharing. I shot a series of images within milliseconds through the reflection of the mirror on the wall while my bride was having a moment with her sister .  I loved that Danelle’s niece in the foreground created a more interesting composition in story telling that framed her mom and aunt in the mirror.  This is the only image in the series where a hand is coming out of the mirror frame.  The wall is solid sheetrock and the other side of the wall is exterior house siding.  I went back through timestamps and there wasn’t a man inside this room for well over an hour (it was the bride’s dressing room).  The niece is standing in the doorway between the two rooms while she checks her curls in the mirror.

There are two different light sources, which is why the colors are weird.  Fluorescent lights were over and behind me, which is the white balance I had my camera set for shooting.  The reflection in the mirror is blue because the subjects were in the next room over from me and were lit by natural light coming in through a street window.  I knew I would have to go back in post production to correct the white balance of the mirror reflection.  The overhead fluorescent lights were not turned on in that room.  There are no modifications made to this image, other than converting the RAW file to a JPG, resizing for the web and adding my watermark.

What do you think?  Do you believe in ghosts?