Roswell High School Senior Session {Ana ROCKS}

This is a shoot I had been looking forward to all summer.  Ana is a fabulous TaeKwonDo instructor.  But more than that, she’s smart and kind and fun.

 It was difficult to catch her NOT smiling.  And I found nothing wrong with that.

 She has the longest hair ever.  This is the hair I dreamed of having as a child.  I still do.  So.  Gorgeous.

 Ana has mad skills.  Before we left Sope Creek, I asked her how many photographs she thought I had made.  She guessed it.  Exactly.  Mad skills, I tell you.

 Ana also found us this cool waterfall.  She heard it, so I went searching…snapped a shot and brought it back.  Totally worth the extra hike up and off the trail for a few more photographs.

 I caught her by surprise.  She was pulling off her boots.  And smiling.  Love this girl!

 As we were heading back toward the parking lot, I asked if we should get Mom in some of the photographs.  Ana shouted YES and pulled her Mom in.  How awesome that family is so obviously important here?!

 Nose crinkles.  Love them.

 We took advantage of lack of traffic and made a few double yellow line shots.  Ana has some serious ups!

 Then we drove over to Roswell Mill in downtown Roswell and walked around a bit.  I love this old covered bridge.

 This was such a FUN afternoon together.  I had a great time with you, Ana!

 I’m wishing you the best with your class of 2014 and even more success when you head off to college next year.  I know you’re going to accomplish great things!