Woodstock, GA Family Photographer – Rand Family And Their Flying Kids!

This is the third time I have photographed this family since last Thanksgiving.  I love them more and more each time.  How is that even possible?

 I love that the hour flies by while we have a great time together.  We’re silly.  We poke fun.  I get called Keisha.  It’s all good.

  Last night, when I was showing this family their slideshow and images for the first time, Meredith ran and got a photograph of Evan to show me.  He was about the same age and it was almost identical to this one.  So awesome to see squishy baby faces getting tons of loving!

 Whether it is during our photo session, making ordering decisions or bumping into each other around town, I always feel how important they are to each other.  That family comes first.  That these little boys are so loved.  And that they love to fly and be tossed up in the sky.  Until they don’t.  🙂

 Delicious.  I want to eat up this baby. 

 Don’t they look relaxed?  Hard to tell there is a wild three year old running around while I hold the 8 month old and photograph these two.

 Yep.  I absolutely love this family.

 Thank you Michael and Meredith for getting up so early on a gorgeous morning for another round of family photographs!