Part 1 Atlanta Couples Photography Session In Downtown Atlanta – Justine + Michael

Justine reached out to me several months ago after finding my photography on Google. We exchanged emails, had a couple of phone calls, sent texts. There was a lot of planning that went into this session for creating the photographs of what they wanted. Which was mostly, to create photographs of them. Being them.

 Michael is in the Navy and a deployment is coming in 2015 for him. Justine and Michael were celebrating a dating anniversary and wanted to make photographs of themselves when life is still as normal as it can be. Without a countdown to saying goodbye and being separated by oceans.

They had both warned me that they are awkward people in front of the camera. Honestly, I saw no signs of that awkwardness. While we talked a fair amount as we walked around the city and got to know each other better, I think these two frequently forgot I was making their photographs.

 They were also laughing non-stop. I love couples who are always laughing.

 These two have known each other for over six years. They met in high school. When she wanted nothing to do with him. Way to be persistent, Michael. I think you both are perfect for each other!

 We walked around one city block for all of these photographs, so we were constantly on the move and stopping short and stopping here and there.

 Jokesters, these two are. And possibly trouble makers. My kind of trouble makers, anyway. 🙂

 We walked back to our cars before driving to the other side of the interstate for an outfit change and change of scenery.

 Earlier, we were right up against the buildings of downtown. And then we moved farther away to get a skyline view. The dramatic sunset we had hoped for reflecting off the Atlanta skyline was muted with rain clouds that moved in, but held off until we were completely finished.

 Michael was such a trooper. He forgot his coat and was so cold by this point. Justine was really sweet in keeping his hands warmed as we finished up a few last shots on this great bridge.

 We then headed over to Atlantic Station where Michael picked up a new jacket before we continued around the shopping district. See the rest of their photographs here!