Minneapolis Couples Photography Session At Mill City

I met up with Heidi and Brian early on Friday morning. On our drive into the city, we stopped at the Lowry for breakfast. They have THE most marvelous peanut butter waffle. With custard. Peanut butter. Candied peanuts. And whipped cream. With syrup. Oh my heavens. It was so delicious.
Once we were thoroughly stuffed, we headed back out into a light drizzle and made our way to Mill City. It’s an old flour mill that has partially been turned into a museum. And partially, it is now ruins.

I loved the different windows in this building. Such great backdrops before we even got out into the area with the ruins!

I love old architecture!

I also love that my people are trouble makers. I cannot tell you what was happening here.

More trouble making here. I think she might be my soul sister. Wait. Does that out me as a trouble maker? Scrap that. I don’t cause trouble. It’s just my people. 🙂

Floating beams. Open windows. Big signs. Ruins. A fab couple. There is so much to love. Right here.

So many great locations within one block. We were constantly on the move.

And laughing pretty much most of the time.

Who likes these turquoise windows? Now I want to repaint the house. And our windows.

Any time I see an open parking deck/garage opening, I feel the need to put people in it.

The rain held off for the most part, but it was a bit windy throughout our walk around this Mill City block.

Our last shot of the morning ended in front of this humongous mural taking up the whole block.

Heidi and Brian, you two are terrific souls. I had soooo much fun with you two on Friday morning and loved our time together. Enjoy all of your photographs! And this crazy winter hitting your state today.