East Cobb Family Photography Session

I love little kids. They’re fun. Silly little souls.

They love to run and dance and play games and hug each others’ necks.

They love to explore and point out what they see.

Watching these two play Ring Around the Rosie together was the sweetest. I love watching siblings who adore each other and have fun playing together.

They brought their first baby along, too. Sadie is the sweetest little puppy. She’s five years old and was snuggling up to me during their ordering appointment. Her ears. They’re the softest. I wanted to take her home with me.

Kids. Love. To be. Taller. If there is something to stand on and be taller, I’ve noticed they’re on it. Without fail. And these two were no exception. 🙂

Tis the season to pick up and throw leaves. And squeal if you must. It makes it better.

Running and exploring with these littles was the highlight of my morning. The parents were pretty wonderful, too. Thank you to the A family for scheduling this fabulous fall session!