Romantic (and Slightly Monsoony) Downtown Atlanta Engagement Session – Ashley + Keith ENGAGED!

We had rescheduled this session a few times. Both Keith and Ashley are traveling machines when it comes to work. Then their session date came and a previously clear forecast clouded up and not-so-gradually had higher and higher percentages of expected rain.

But there was no rescheduling this session, even with a deluge of rain. Ashley + Keith were both in town. She had a hair and makeup appointment. There was going to be no stopping us!

We had originally planned on having their session at Centennial Park, but there weren’t many indoor options nearby. With it being a late Sunday afternoon, so many businesses and museums had closed by the time we were supposed to start. We needed indoor locations to work when it was pouring and great spots to sneak out when the rain abated.

We found that just a few miles north of Centennial. Complete with a rooftop garden.

The pockets of time without rain were few and sneaky. But we worked quickly outside when it wasn’t raining.

My lenses were steaming up and I don’t think it was just from the change of temperature from the sweltering outside to the cool indoors.

There was constant laughter and close moments.

I have no idea what these two were talking about most of the time, but from a distance I can tell you that they have a relationship like what you see in the movies. That makes you sigh and wonder if it’s real. Because it looks like it’s so wonderful that it’s not real life.

It’s in the way they talk to each other. In how they look at each other. It’s how their arms so naturally hold each other.

They danced and laughed and danced some more outside of a little shop while it misted around us.

And then we headed to the MLK Center and walked over to the Jackson Street bridge. The rain had let up and the bridge was completely empty of couples and photographers. We had it to ourselves. The Atlanta skyline was covered in clouds and the rain moved in and we made photographs that made me squeal. And then the rain moved back in and we hurried back to our cars.

These two were a dream to work with and it felt like I had entered their own fairy tale. I love these glimpses into the lives of others. Where I step into another reality that is not my own, if only for a couple of hours. It restores my faith in humanity. In kindness and in love.

Ashley + Keith.

I am wishing you all the best. A wedding day that exceeds your dreams and all of the photographs filling your planner. And a marriage that is even better. That weathers the storms of life and brings you two back together when things get hard. Because I’m already envisioning you two as an old married couple, holding each others’ wrinkly hands and leaning into each other on a porch swing as you talk about all the wonderful moments you two have shared.