Young Harris College Tennis Teams At Universal Studios In Kissimmee Florida

On our last day in Orlando, the entire Young Harris College Men’s Tennis Team and part of the Women’s Team went to Universal Studios in Kissimmee, Florida. The sun was out. The day was gorgeous. And some of the lines were short. At least at the start of the day.

Much like the Disney parks, there was a lot of walking and anticipation building between the parking lot and the park entrance to Universal Studios. One ran the wrong way down the moving sidewalk to keep up next to the rest of us.

Once through the gates, we stopped for a quick group photograph. That is missing one of the twins. William, where did you go?

All but one of them wanted to ride the Hulk roller coaster. I was happy to hold their bags and phones while keeping my feet on the ground for this ride. It was LOUD overhead. And I had fun photographing the cars as they charged by, waiting to catch my band of college kids. I think Sam wins for the best scream.

Survivors. +1.

Next was the flume.

And again for the win. Posers. Chins on fists. Sam and William.

Sebastian and William. I loved hearing about your experience auditioning for Swedish Idol. Good stuff.

Entering into the world of Harry Potter magic and scorcery.

Hey Maria? I think Barrett was right. Raul has a bit of a crush on you. 😉

Another chance to cool down.

Cole, you’re too cool.

I think this is a spot where everyone stops. It’s an obligatory landmark.

This group. So fun.

Way to hold up the Hard Rock guitar, Guil! Well done.

We started off in Universal Adventures. And made our way to Universal Studios. A group jump shot was in order. I think Elin, Laura, and Guil win for the jump on this.

The New York Public library. Was all fabric.

They waited forever to get on this ride. It had been closed for hours. Then it re-opened. Test cars were sent. People rode it. More test cars flew over the tracks empty. And then my guys came through. Sebastian wins for best hair.

There are some awesome screams going on here, too.

Coming out of an upside down loop.

Back to the world of Harry Potter. Where dragons hang out on building tops.

Omigosh. Best motorcycle and side car ever. Well posed, Guil and Brecht.

Before we knew it, the sun was gone. And everyone was hungry.

Fabulously fun day with these guys!