Young Harris College Division 2 Tennis Teams On Spring Break In Florida

I’ve already shared the the first round of tournament matches for Young Harris College tennis teams here. This was the second round of matches spent in Lakeland, Florida at Florida Southern College. These were big matches and YHC knew they would be up against fierce competition. We arrived early for plenty of time to warm up and to hopefully start early so the matches wouldn’t get rained out.

The women’s team ran around the courts. And the men’s team pumped themselves up in a tight circle, chanting and yelling as they rocked from side to side.

The Florida Southern coach gave me permission to be on the courts during the matches, which was fantastic! He warned that it was at my own risk, as I could get hit by a fast, hard ball. But that’s a risk I’m willing to take. I love sitting next to the net and being able to photograph these athletes up close and not from the sidelines.

There were mid-court chats between points with Coach Barret Elkins.

Being able to sit between courts meant I could easily photograph two matches almost simultaneously by turning 180 degrees. That was awesome.

I was able to easily walk on/off courts between points and made my way over to another section of courts where the women’s team was playing. So many have these manes of hair that fly with each stroke of their tennis racquet. I was fascinated.

There were tall, covered stands which was great to see a big overview of the courts.

There was also a Young Harris College team mascot in attendance. His name was Ringo and he was super sweet. He’s also the first labradoodle I met who was introduced as a breed fail. They’re not supposed to shed, but this boy sheds all over.

Family and godparents also made their way out to the YHC tournaments to cheer on these kids. I think it was pretty nice for them to have friendly faces so far from school.

Back to the courts for more tennis!

The coaches constantly moved around on court and off to watch their players. I found Barrett watching through the chain links here.

There were some intense moments and celebrations over matches and points.

After most had finished their matches, they made their way over to one of the last matches still underway to cheer on their teammate.

And as the last match ended, the sun was setting behind me.

Be proud of your wins and thankful for what the losses have taught you, Lions. You are all wonderful athletes and I’m looking forward to being back for your last day of matches to see you close out this season strong!