Signature Art Image – Amanda + David’s Engagement!

06th Nov, 2015Signature Art

During David + Amanda’s engagement session at Poole’s Mill, David asked about my Signature Art Images. He had just seen a post about them on Linked In and was interested in the process.

Sometimes, I will have a vision in my head of what I want to create well before the day I have my camera and lights in hand with my people. Like for Kimber + Devlin’s wedding day. I knew a month ahead of time when walking through the venue with Kimber of what I wanted to create. But more often than not, I’m working in a new and different location and don’t have any preconceived ideas about angles or spots to use. I don’t go on Pinterest to scope out locations or the work of others because I don’t like replicating ideas that aren’t mine. For me, it’s not flattery. Nor is it very authentic.

I want to create the space for my people to be themselves. While possibly moving them into pockets of light or places they will be perfectly framed by trees and water. And so I enter into these engagement sessions with an open mind about what I will discover with my people. Both about what makes each of us unique and/or similar, but also what will reveal itself as a spectacular location and possibility for a Signature Art Image. Which then leads to sending multiple files to my Signature Art Image editor and trusting her to choose THE most perfect photograph and working her sorcery on it to create the final work of art. I think she does a pretty stellar job!

Here’s the before image of Amanda + David.

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