Coopers Furnace Engagement Session In Cartersville, GA – Chrissie + Ryan ENGAGED!

Chrissie is a San Diego transplant. Ryan is one of the rare wonders who was actually born and raised in Georgia. I haven’t met many folks here who didn’t migrate into the Atlanta area.

They met through mutual friends and have known each other for almost six years.

I get the feeling these two have broken the mold.

They love alternative rock and country music.

At their ordering appointment, I saw more Nirvana books on the shelves in one spot than I’ve ever seen.

Chrissie has THE most beautiful and purple hair I’ve ever seen.

Yet there is this quiet that surrounds them.

It is filled with kindness.

And peace.

They are parents to two beautiful children and I can’t help but imagine these two growing up to be some of the kindest souls.

At the back of the park, you can walk farther down a paved path and see the dam. It is massive.

I can’t wait to show you the metal wall art they purchased. It’s the Signature Art Image that we made in this spot!

We knew our time was running out and started heading back towards the parking lot. After arriving, we learned that the park closes at 5pm. SHARP.

The park ranger was driving around shortly before 5pm to round people up and make sure everyone was on their way.

We made one last photograph in front of the old furnace and then left the park for a few photographs in the middle of the interstate.

I was amazed at how loud it was to hear the traffic whizzing by above and on either side of us.

It wasn’t quite as dark as this photograph appears, but we were losing light and I had one more spot I wanted to hit with them before we said we were done.

These two were fantastic at playing along and stopping at different spots throughout our time together.

Chrissie + Ryan? I’m wishing you all the best as you continue on this journey together. I think you’re both pretty rad.

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