Signature Art Image – Alicia + Warren’s Engagement!

14th Aug, 2015Signature Art

Taking a fabulous photograph and turning it into a Signature Art Image is no easy task.

I won’t lie. A lot of time, expertise, and sorcery goes into it.

And by sorcery, I mean hundreds of hours of training and experience that I don’t have and have hired an image artist of my own to create these amazing transformations.

There is not a special action to run in photoshop. It’s not a one-size-fits-all kinda deal. It is a carefully selected image from the session that then receives hours of TLC to wow my clients. I want to create an incredible piece of artwork to grace your walls.

During my engagement sessions, I’m looking for backgrounds that will make my people look absolutely stunning in the final image.

Way beyond a Too Cool For School mentality.

My people are rock stars and I want them to look like it in these Signature Art Images!

Here is the original.

See Alicia + Warren’s engagement session in and around Centennial Park in downtown Atlanta!

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