Lake Lanier Islands Engagement Photography Session – Angela + Shawn – ENGAGED!

We had been planning this session for weeks. Angela + Shawn knew they wanted to have their engagement session at Lake Lanier Islands. They enjoy many weekends on their boat at this lake and wanted photographs running through the sand, in the water, and at the magnificent bridge you drive over after entering the park.

Angela had ideas for many different photographs she wanted us to make together. We were constantly talking throughout their session to create what she was envisioning. From close up embraces to running through the sand, dancing and twirling to make her hair and dress do pretty things, to walking along a gorgeous bridge at dusk.

They strolled along the docks and sat at the end to dip their feet in the water.

I love giving my people a little breather room to focus on each other and forget there is a camera carefully trained on their every move. It’s like being a fly on the wall and seeing the love people share with each other when their guard is down. Just two lovers together and the whole world falls away. I love that.

After the docks, we headed to the white sand beach.

They took off running, with hair flying and sand being kicked up from their feet.

After they were thoroughly exhausted from running and twirling (yes, we wore Shawn out having him pick up Angela and spin her in circles so I could capture her hair and dress doing pretty things…you’ll see those images in another post!), we waded into the water. Even I was in the water up to my knees and bending over to have my camera as close to the water as possible. My socks and shoes were soaking wet the rest of the evening and the hour and a half drive home. So. Worth. It.

They were happy to cuddle up close while the sun wrapped around them in this beautiful golden hour.

They goofed around and hammed it up for me before we headed over to the carriage house.

They danced and spun. And Shawn made Angela’s dress do more wonderful things as he twirled her around.

I love their arms and Angela’s hair. This photograph makes me so happy!

While these two changed into more formal attire, my assistant and I drove over to the Venetian Pier and set up lights. I had visions of illuminating the tent roof, but it didn’t work like I had planned. We quickly moved to plan B where we set up a light to create a beautiful hair light for Angela and shine white upon the pier behind them so they would stand out more. Using a light next to me allowed them to be easily seen and the sky darker than it was in real life.

We got our shots and then drove to the park entrance to make photographs along the bridge and near the almost castle-like pillars with walk-through arches. The ground lights helped create wonderfully dramatic lighting along their legs and hands.

When they arrived at their session, one of the first things that came out of their mouths was, “SO WE GOT MARRIED TODAY!!!” How special to have a spontaneous elopement at the county courthouse and then be able to make fabulous wedding day photographs all dressed up and in such a beautiful location. I love photographing people on their wedding days. There is so much happiness radiating from them.

These two were constantly dancing. I imagine at home, Shawn is constantly grabbing this woman whom he loves with all his heart to dance with her in the kitchen.

Angela wanted Shawn to re-enact the proposal. He got down on one knee and held her hand.

We had fun with this for awhile and there were major belly laughs (also to be seen in a separate post) before we moved to the middle of the roadway to create these dramatic photographs along the Lake Lanier Islands bridge. I was thankful for the quick hands and eyes of my assistant for expertly directing the light on Angela + Shawn, as well as looking out for oncoming traffic so none of us got hit.

Spoiler alert. My assistant gave us plenty of time to move. And we all lived.

This last image is one of my new signature edits. I can’t wait to share more about these photographs with you in a post later this week!

Angela + Shawn!  You two were an absolute pleasure to work with and I was thrilled to turn your engagement session into an evening of wedding day portraits for you both. I can’t wait to put your book filled with these photographs into your hands!!

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