Update Your Headshot

Has it been awhile since you udpated your profile image on LinkedIn? Have you been waiting to drop another ten pounds before getting in front of the camera? Do you just outright loathe having your photograph taken? Let’s face it. There aren’t many of us who enjoy being in front of the camera.

But don’t you want your clients to know who they’re working with now? I’m betting you look much better now than you did in your outdated LinkedIn photograph taken years, if not decades, ago. I think we all look better with age. There’s more wisdom packed into your body and mind now than there was ten years ago. And that wisdom and experience? There’s something to be said for that. Another level of confidence that shows we are comfortable with where we are now and wouldn’t take back those trials and tribulations we were enduring in our twenties.

So let’s show the world who you are now. The friendly face that goes with the voice your clients hear over the phone. Or potential clients or patients who are looking at your website before ever reaching out because they’re wondering who will be taking care of them when they do pick up the phone.

I promise to make it quick, painless, and easy. We will knock these out in fifteen to thirty minutes max. So you can get on with your day. There is more conversation than being told how to pose or look into the camera. So you will already feel relaxed and not-so-self-conscious. I come to you. For making your headshots, and the ordering appointment as soon as the next day. When you get to see the best images, choose only the photographs you want, and discuss if you want any retouching (most clients are surprised with how great they already look in the photographs and decide against further retouching. But it’s ok if you want a little extra help. I don’t judge. I’m here to help you look your best, while still being authentically you). It couldn’t be any easier.

Go ahead. And click here to reach out and schedule a time that works for you. You won’t be disappointed.