Professional Headshots In Woodstock, GA – Valerie Hudgins Of Zen Dog Web Services

As individuals, we are always evolving. We take new educational courses, expand our skillsets, increase our experience.

Some of us cringe at stepping in front of the camera.

And others feel it’s important to keep a current online presence as part of nourishing their business relationships and connecting with clients or vendors.

Valerie Hudgins of Zen Dog Web Services is one of those people. She’s a wonderful connection to have for updating your website, receiving SEO assistance, learning WordPress, or even for obtaining nutritional guidance. I gather she doesn’t like being photographed, but her need to stay current gets her in front of my camera. Val also tells me I make it fun, which is good. I think she’s fun, too.

Laughing woman in flowery hat

Whether you’re wanting a new headshot to put out on LinkedIn when you update your latest certification or degree, or you just want to stay current with the season…give me a call. We’ll talk about making your headshot session as painless as possible. And hopefully, we’ll have a little fun while you forget there’s a camera waiting to be triggered when you’re looking your best.