Professional Headshots In Woodstock, GA – Dr. Ryan Mierzejewski At Cherokee Chiropractic

Whether you’re updating your personal branding, needing to replace an old headshot that is clearly outdated and creates a break in your credibility, or just want a seasonably appropriate photograph of yourself….it’s a quick and easy process if you contact Kelley at Pear Tree Photography Atlanta.

Dr. Ryan of Cherokee Chiropractic did just that. We were able to talk about what he did and did not like in previous photographs he used to represent himself and then moved forward in creating an updated headshot. He’s easy to talk to and honest in the feedback he delivers, which made it a great experience for both of us in working together. I can appreciate why his patients trust him in handling their chiropractic needs.

Pear Tree Photography Atlanta does not have a sitting fee or a minimum purchase requirement for headshots, which means your satisfaction is guaranteed. Give Kelley a call or send a quick message over in the contact form to start a conversation. Updating your headshot will be easier than you think!