Woodstock, GA Family Photographer – Panama City Beach – Doherty Family

Brinkley’s senior session started at Roswell Mill last month and then ended on Panama City Beach one week later. In the middle of our time on the beach, we pulled her parents in and made family photographs. These sweet people haven’t had family portraits made in years. And years. They were overdue. And over the moon thrilled with how they turned out!

Mother and teenage daughter holding hands at the ocean
Mother and teenage daughter hugging each other and smiling
Mother and teenage daughter sitting on sand dune in front of beach grass
Teenager daughter hanging out on sand dune with her parents and smiling
Family holding hands while walking on beach
Teenage daughter hugging her dad on the beach
Teenage daughter kissing her dad on the cheek on Panama City Beach
Parents about to kiss with teenage daughter in background
Mom and dad smiling on the beach
Mom kissing Dad on the cheek on beach
Dad hugging his teenage daughter on beach in front of storm

Thank you Doherty family for having me make Brinkley’s senior portraits and new family photographs for you all! I would drive farther than Panama City, Florida to meet you next time. 🙂