Professional Headshots In Dunwoody, GA – Ashlon Reeder!

16th Sep, 2015Professional Headshot Photography

But then she saw all of the options and had a hard time deciding on what to choose.

She asked me, “Why did you make it so hard?”

I couldn’t help but smile. I often tell folks that it’s my job to make photographs you love and it’s your job to resist.

Ashlon couldn’t resist and ended up purchasing twenty one images from her headshot session. Ashlon provides spa and wellness services through her company J. Marion Wellness + Events. Check out her facebook page as there are tons of great tips for healthier living!

In a culture of cell phone selfies, there is value in professional photographs to help present your best side for your business.

After my headshot sessions, I sit with my clients and go through the images individually. Sure, we pull out images quickly that show an expression you don’t care for or your smile isn’t quite you. But then we focus on the images you do like and talk about which images you like most. How the headshots will be used and in what forums. Will it just be on LinkedIn or is it needed for a speaker image on marketing materials? Do you need to have negative space on one side for ad copy on promotional post cards?

And then we give a little TLC to the images. Would you like a little kindness brushed on underneath and around your eyes to lessen the shadows in those smile lines? Are there blemishes you would like removed? We make that happen when we’re sitting together so you can see the subtle difference in the changes. It’s not plastic surgery and it’s not crazy PhotoShop sorcery. You still look like you. Authentically.