Jayne Family + High School Senior Photography Session At Mill City In Minneapolis, MN

I had the pleasure of getting Ella to myself for the first portion of this session. I love getting one-on-one time with high school seniors and having the time to just talk about anything and everything.

She is a thoughtful soul who is going to do great things with her life. I just know it.

She has also convinced me that I have been missing out by not watching Dr. Who episodes and that I need to rectify that stat.

We are also on the same page when it comes to flying insects and keeping a safe distance.

After an hour together, the rest of her people arrived and we jumped into family portraits. Last year, I only photographed the kiddos. Dad had just broken his leg and gone through surgery in the week leading up to when I came. I was so happy both parents could participate this year!

FYI. This kid is a goofball. He wanted to pick the nose of the men in the murals on the outside of the Guthrie. I made that happen and told him exactly where to stand. I apologize to parents for not being the best influence on kids. But it does help make it more fun and then the kids are more likely to cooperate when there is some give and take between us in exchanging ideas and creating photographs together. So hooray for natural smiles and not the ‘cheese’ grins.

We were constantly moving. Walking around. Finding new spots. There are soooooo many around Mill City. I love this old Minneapolis bridge in the background!

This brother is a little older and was content to sit wherever I asked and gaze into my camera. Are all middle children so easy going? If you say yes, I might have to begin lobbying for a third of my own again.

Someone was about to celebrate his 40th birthday. Hello ups. I’m not sure I could leap that pole so gracefully and not bust my butt on the landing. Well done, Eric!

Kat? I so enjoy your family. These people you have made with Eric. They’re all cool kids. I loved getting to photograph all of you this summer!

And an obligatory shot of the brothers together. Being sweet.

I’m enjoying watching your family grow. I’m looking forward to seeing these kids get bigger. What the eldest is going to do with her life when she graduates from high school. These things get me more excited than you can imagine.

You can see these kiddos last year here. Outwardly, they haven’t changed much. But interacting with them? They’re more grown up. So much fun!