Professional Headshots In Downtown Alpharetta, GA – Katherine M

You may or may not believe this. Most people who stand in front of my camera for headshots don’t want to be there.

And that’s ok. I don’t take it personally. I know what it feels like to be petrified and walking in front of someone else’s lens. It’s a vulnerable spot to place yourself.

But inevitably, work asks for an updated headshot. And you can’t drag your feet any longer.

When Katherine contacted me, she knew that she needed a new headshot to use for her speaking engagements. She needed professional headshots to represent herself, but they didn’t need to be as formal as for most professionals in the banking industry. Which meant we could skip the plain backdrop and studio lighting. We talked about different outdoor locations and decided on downtown Alpharetta. Katherine brought along multiple shirts and sweaters and changed three times throughout her session. Near the start, we chatted with a local police officer making his rounds to ensure no one was over staying their parking limits of two hours and whether or not we’d be staying too long. He was friendly and it made me thankful that our local police are approachable and caring.

It was an easy-going morning together as we walked around downtown Alpharetta and then sat quietly talking inside Mugs on Milton as the images loaded. We talked about work, marriage, pets, public speaking, upcoming vacations, and pets on instagram. Her little diva pooch is a rising star after being seen in an image with Tito’s Vodka. Once the images were loaded and ready for viewing, Katherine moved through them quickly narrowing down different looks and expressions she liked.

Once she decided on the images she wanted to purchase, I finished the edits while she watched to ensure professional headshots were the end result. While I can whiten teeth, removal blemishes, and add a little kindness under the eyes…my goal is to always authentically represent my clients. If a headshot is heavily edited and appears to be photoshopped, then it’s too much and brings your credibility into question. People want to work with honest and trustworthy individuals. Having a current and professional headshot helps build that foundation of trust.

Below are the other headshots Katherine purchased and can now use to represent herself online and in print for upcoming speaking engagements.

Katherine's professional headshot in a pink blazer
Blonde woman in white and blue blouse standing in front of red bricks in downtown Alpharetta
Blonde woman in white and blue blouse posing in front of a red brick wall
Blonde woman in blue v-neck sweater leaning against red bricks

Thank you, Katherine! For trusting me with updating your professional headshots and online branding. It was a pleasure working with you!

If you’d like to update your headshot, contact Kelley at Pear Tree Photography Atlanta. It will be easier than you expect!