Couples Photography Session In Atlanta, GA – Patrice + Tish

When Patrice contacted me about a couples photography session for her girlfriend Tish, she knew she wanted the photographs to be made around Atlanta. And she knew she wanted them to look like they just happened to be in post card scenes. So we planned multiple spots around Atlanta, from gardens downtown to the rainbow crosswalks on 10th Street to the Jackson Street Bridge (in a torrential rainstorm!) to the 33rd floor of the Hilton downtown with a skyline view.

These two ladies were kind, thoughtful, witty, and fun. They were opposites, yet similar. When I asked them what they each enjoy most about the other, they both answered, “She balances me out.” Patrice is exuberant and gregarious. Tish is reserved and soft spoken. They clearly enjoy each other’s company and spirit. Patrice had outfits planned for each location we visited and the rain that was on the forecast stayed away until we got to the Jackson Street Bridge with the Atlanta skyline behind them. Then the skies opened up and it poured. We headed back to their hotel room at the top of the Hilton to celebrate Tish’s birthday with candles in a cupcake, wine, a pillow fight, and snuggling.

It was a lovely afternoon and evening together as I got to know these two ladies who are fairly new to Atlanta. While they now have many images from our time together that celebrates their relationship on a canvas and in a book, these two are private and asked I not publicly share images where they are identifiable. Which is totally fine. I am happy to be respectful and honor the privacy of those within the LGBT community. And I’m beyond thrilled that they gave permission to share even these few images.

Black lesbians holding hands.
Two black women holding hands while walking over a suspension bridge in the forest.
Two black women holding hands next to a pond.
Two black women holding hands and walking through a garden while the sun sets.
Feet intertwined between two black women laying on a bed together
Two women embracing at night with Atlanta skyline in background.

Thank you, Patrice + Tish! I love our time together and I’m thrilled you LOVED your images! I’m looking forward to celebrating more birthdays with you ladies!!

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