How Are Wedding Days Remembered? – Andrew + Charlotte’s Day

Wedding days fly by like nobody’s business.

People will tell you this, but until you experience your own wedding day….it’s hard to comprehend.

So often, there are so many people that afterwards you don’t remember if you even talked to them all. Or if a particular person showed up.

On smaller days, like Charlotte + Andy’s there are fewer people. But just as many wonderful moments filling the day.

It won’t be long and Charlotte’s stomach growing with new life now will be flat and a baby will be held in their arms.
It will be difficult to remember just how much she was showing.
Or how her Mom was present during the morning, but ordered out of her bedroom before Charlotte started crying over her gift.
Who was sewing clasps onto a fur.
How often Rey had to walk across the bed and stick her snout into Charlotte’s hair while her makeup was being done.
The conversations around who was in the bathroom while everyone was getting ready.
How Andy was showing Jackie how to use his phone so his sister could be on Facetime and witness the whole ceremony.
How crowded the courtroom was with all the couples being married.
How someone had to keep taking deep breaths and blinking away tears.
How proud Charlotte’s Dad was to take a picture of these two with their marriage license after the ceremony.
How it felt to be surrounded by family and friends when this new marriage started in the middle of December 2017.

Andy and Charlotte now have not only a USB filled with images ready for print and social media, they have an online gallery to share with friends and family AND this custom image box filled with prints of every moment.

Wedding box filled with photographs
Photograph of pregnant bride + groom kissing on fireplace surrounded by stockings and Christmas lights.

Every couple should have images from their wedding day that remind them exactly what it felt like at that moment.
Because there is power in photographs that bring back the same level of excitement, nervousness, joy, and love that was felt in each moment.

Every couple should experience that from their wedding day for decades to come. And be able to share that with future generations.