Family Photography Session In Apple Valley, Minnesota – Jayne Family

I have photographed these guys for the last three years. It is fun seeing the boys get taller. They are growing up and changing. Yet, their sweetness stays the same.

For my folks who value photography and I know want to make new photographs every year, I stay in touch and share when I have availability. I was hearing nothing back from Kat except crickets. November was approaching and I knew I’d be returning to Minnesota in the coming weeks and I emailed her again.

Kat! Do you even have time to breathe? Do you want to make new photographs this year?

Days passed. And then I heard back from her.

I’m so sorry. I have seen your emails and been so busy. I read your email asking if I had time to breathe and I thought, “No! No I do not have time to breathe!” And then days passed. But Yes! I do want to make new photographs. We’ve been so busy and we don’t have time, but we will make time for this.

She wasn’t sure if their daughter would be able to come home from college. What the weather would be like. How we would fit in time together between the activities and work and after-hours work engagements. But we made it happen. And with the threat of sticking with past years photographs on display for another year, Ella found a way to drive home from college, join the family, and bring a friend. So the old photographs that she looks nothing like anymore can be updated.

We ended up changing the date and time of getting together for photographs due to the changing weather. I shared my heat packs with the kids to help stay warm. We worked quickly and kept moving constantly. When I flew back two weeks later for their ordering appointment, Kat told me that the night after we made photographs, the wind blew all the fall leaves off the tree branches. We were both thankful we were able to take advantage of the fall foliage before it was blown away.

Two girlfriends hugging and smiling
Blond boy standing in front of tall golden grass
Mom with two teenage boys in front of fall colors
Blond teenage girl laying in fall leaves and laughing

Whether you’re in Minneapolis, Atlanta, or traveling to New York City and want updated family photographs, it should be easy to schedule a family photography session with Kelley at Pear Tree Photography Atlanta.