Another Pear Tree Photography Wedding Album Delivered

I love so many things about what I do.  From being with my couples all day on their wedding day to going through the thousands of images to select THE best photographs to share with them in the coming month.  To creating wedding day slideshows that bring you right back to the day as everything unfolded.  To designing the wedding albums.  And finally, placing the finished book in my couples’ hands.

Working with a couple of creatives made for a different experience on my end.  Normally, I handle all the design work myself.  But this was very much a collaboration and many hours went into designing Matt + Mike’s wedding album with my grooms. 

Matt created the cover file using his work from their wedding invitations and programs to ensure all of the fonts matched.  Seeing their names and the long date along the spine was a great touch for this album with a wraparound cover.

I like that designing albums is specific to each of my couples.  It’s not so impersonal as to be outsourced, nor is each spread a template I purchased for use in every album I create.  Each layout is completely customized to be exactly what my couples want.  I really like that.  A lot.

I like that most spreads have white space and room for each photograph to breathe.  While others are full spread photographs bleeding off the edge of the pages and printed much bigger than the 8x10s you give to grandparents (Pear Tree Photography wedding albums are 12×12 inches, which more than takes up your lap).

I love that there was dancing on this wedding day.  These two weren’t my only couple who have told me up front that 1. We’re not your traditional couple and 2. There won’t be any dancing following the ceremony.  I’m not sure why there are initially plans for no dancing or what happens to change that, but seeing couples dance together always makes me happy.

I’m not sure what makes so many of my couples tell me they are nontraditional couples, either.  I think they’re all pretty stellar and they have only reinforced for me that leaving corporate America to become a wedding photographer was the right choice.
Matt + Mike?  You two have blown me away with your hospitality, kindness and humor.  I have so enjoyed working with you over the last several months and was thrilled I could return to Minnesota to give you your wedding album in person.  

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