Matt + Mike Got Married!

This day was over twenty two years in the making.  A day that Matt and Mike never imagined would be possible in their lifetime.

 But in May 2013, Minnesota passed a law for marriage equality and what was never possible became a day to plan and celebrate.  I was so honored that Matt and Mike asked me to be their wedding photographer.  In fact, my mind is still blown that they asked me and I was able to be there to document their amazing day.  Because.  It.  Was.  Amazing.
When I arrived at their home, cats filled their office space downstairs while family and friends prepped a delicious breakfast.          

   These two got ready together.  Which was great for assistance with bow ties.  I had no idea they could be so much trouble. 

 Matt and Mike stocked up on tissues before heading downstairs to see their parents before heading to the barn for the rehearsal.  I should have quietly done the same.

 The rehearsal, much like the rest of the day, was filled with laughter.  These two are always laughing.  It’s contagious.  And it fills your soul in a way that feels like home.  Matt & Mike’s vows are on the upper portion of this hanging banner.

 This Pueblo Indian Prayer was beneath their feet:Hold on to what is good, evenif it’s a handful of earth. Hold on to what you believe, evenif it’s a tree that stands by itself. Hold on to what you must do, evenif it’s a long way from here. Hold on to my hand, even if somedayI’ll be gone away from you.  After the rehearsal and last minute checks to make sure everything was ready for guests to arrive at the barn, we headed back to their house for a little downtime before portraits.  It was nice to be ahead of schedule for the morning.

 Matt played Corcovado for me on the guitar AND the piano, filling the room with beautiful, enchanting notes.  (I was treated to more of his music when I went back to Minnesota.  Can you say, “Heaven”?  I love pianists.)

 This week had been especially cold.  And dreary.  But blue skies and warmer temps in the high 30s graced this fabulous day, making it even more perfect.  Albeit, a tad windy.

 These two have an incredible knack for making others feel appreciated, loved and valued.  This was only reinforced for me throughout their wedding day.  It was evident in nearly every conversation I had with their family members and friends.  And it was obvious in how they treated each other.   

 Matt and Mike’s moms walked them down the aisle at their wedding.

 Two of Matt and Mike’s friends read passages during their ceremony about the promise of marriage and the giving of heart, hopes and dreams to each other.  I love that the readings were included in their wedding program, because I will keep it with my other reminders of perfect days.

 Pastor Sandgren read this passage about hands during the ceremony before they placed rings on each other’s hands.

 Matt and Mike have loved each other for over twenty two years.  To finally hold hands, exchange vows and be pronounced husbands in front of their closest friends and family made for an incredible day.  With so much joy and love.

 In the time leading up to their wedding, Matt shared a link with me to their Pinterest board with so many inspiring ideas for details.  It was exciting to see so many ideas become a part of their day from succulent boutonnieres to a banner with their vows hanging behind the altar.  Matt and Mike’s attention to planning every detail to make this day special was incredible.

 A closer look at their vows.

 There was dancing and cake.  After the fact, I might have heard there wasn’t enough dancing and too much cake.  (Did you count the cakes above?  There were five.  Five beautiful and delicious cakes made by Buttercream in St.Paul).

 We went out at sunset for a few more photographs.  It was pretty cold, so we didn’t stay out long.  

 Matt and Mike, your day was perfect.  In every way.  Thank you for inviting me to document it for you.  My excitement level was through the roof to come back to Minnesota and give your day back to you.  I hope these memories bring you great joy and that you have another twenty two plus years of happiness and love together.  And another.  And another.  Until your hands are wrinkled and aged.

Special wedding day contributors:
Brent and Jess – wedding bands
Buttercream – wedding cakes
Chowgirls – catering
Nutmeg Style – floral arrangements
Robert Everest Expedition – musicians

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