Another Pear Tree Photography Atlanta Book – DELIVERED! – Alexandra + Kevin’s Engagement

I just adored these two. Alexandra and Kevin were full of laughter throughout their engagement session in North Georgia at Vogel State Park.

I love when the very first photograph I make in a session is included, not just in the photographs that I show at the ordering appointment, but are then chosen as a favorite by my clients. This is one of those photographs on the very first page of Alexandra + Kevin’s book.

This could be a dangerous path for bikers, but it seemed just right for sweethearts.

I love when photographs take up so much space like this. They feel big when holding the book in your lap.

When I put this book in their hands and they looked through it for the first time, I asked Alexandra + Kevin if they remembered what they were talking about when I made this photograph. They said they remembered exactly what they were talking about at the time and how they were feeling. Photographs can be powerful like that.

I’m so glad you two loved not just the portraits, but also the more story telling and creative photographs. Like this one of you two from behind.

So happy for you two to be planning your wedding for next spring!

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