Christy And Jay’s Engagement Session In Acworth, GA

I would like to introduce you to Christy and Jay. They are my people.

We speak the same languages. We like the same music. We agree diversity is a good thing and that outward appearances are poor indicators of a person’s character, soul, or value.

We laughed. A lot.

The wind was playing with Christy’s skirt. I was fascinated with what it was doing while they had a private moment together.

Christy and I have an airline in common. And we love to travel. It was fun comparing experiences with flying.

Jay is in for a treat once these two get married. They will be flying everywhere together!

Jay and I have a commonality in telecom and talked about that industry quite a bit.

After their session, Jay and I realized we have many acquaintances and coworkers in common. I love small world connections.

See? Lots of laughter. I love that about my couples.

I also love that my couples hold hands. It makes me feel like humanity is good overall.

We walked through the woods and stopped to play with lights for a bit.

And then headed back to the boardwalk over the water.

I found out afterwards at their ordering appointment that Jay is scared of the water. He almost drowned as a child and hasn’t had a reason to go back in it to swim ever since. But he knew he wanted to make photographs that Christy would love and he trusted I had a vision when I asked them to walk around this dock.

I never would have guessed he was scared at the time. Nor would I have asked him to walk out there had I known. Major props to Jay in wanting to make photographs for the love of his life.

And he loved the photographs. So that made me feel better afterwards once I knew he wasn’t fond of water.

We left the board walk and headed over to this magnificent tree.

I’m starting with teasers before I show you the whole tree and how small these two were under it.

Ok. Here it is. Isn’t this tree lovely? Wouldn’t you want to stand underneath it?

Or climb it? I want to climb this tree!

I had such a wonderful time with you two. I hope you have THE most lovely wedding day in Las Vegas together.

Christy + Jay, I’m so glad we got to spend as much time together as we did. I think you’re both fabulous souls!

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