Another Pear Tree Photography Atlanta Book And USB – DELIVERED! – Cha + Ryan’s Engagement

Cha + Ryan’s book arrived late on a Friday night (I have a temporary FedEx driver who is making a mess out of the route. I want my permanent driver back and hope she is allowed to return after knee surgery. But I digress.) and brought it along with me to tennis matches and family activities with me on Saturday in the hopes of meeting up for a hand off.

Through multiple texts, we were able to coordinate meeting up at a Sam’s Club while Cha was out of the house for the day.

My husband and son waited patiently in the car.

While my daughter walked up with me and kept me company.

My daughter stood quietly next to me and politely said hello when I introduced her to Cha. (I love it when my kids behave!)

And she watched with me as Cha turned the pages of her engagement book and looked at every photograph.

She remained silent as Cha opened the wrapping and looked at the USB.

And she was mostly quiet while Cha and I talked before saying goodbye.

As we walked back to our car, my daughter asked what I like best about what I do.

I told her it was this. What she just saw. Putting products in hands.

Giving my people back their photographs. I love that.

Knowing they have photographs they can hold or see everyday? I think that is priceless.

When we got in the car, she was quick to start talking (she’s my chatterbox) and telling our guys what she saw.

“Daddy! She hugged Mommy more times than I could count!”

Which might have been an exaggeration, since the child is almost eleven and can most certainly count past four.

But that does send me to bed at night with a smile on my face. Knowing I’ve made photographs that are loved and valued.

That’s good stuff.

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