Photographs Matter – Joy Looks The Same No Matter The Language

I started this series with a question to my people.

What is your favorite photograph?

I had no idea what I would receive in return, but was hoping for glimpses into my peoples’ lives and what matters to them. What I found was that everyday moments mattered just as much as the big events. The photographs triggered happiness in remembering. And joy looks the same, no matter the culture.

This is Patty’s story:

One favorite photograph??  Well, that’s just not even fair…there are so, so many but if I am to choose one that is NOT my kids ( because it would just be so hard to choose ) I have to go to one I took in Cambodia in 2014.  It is a group of children from a remote Cambodian village that I was chaotically photographing while on a mission trip; I would snap several frames and then turn the camera around so they could see their images in the display.  Their smiles looking up at me, the squeals of laughter and delight, and a vision of pure happiness even in the midst of what most people would feel are deprived conditions.  I described the photo “joy is the same around the world.”

Come back next Friday to see what love looks like after the hard start of a new life.

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