My People Don’t Fit Into A Box

Every marketing course I’ve taken and instructor I’ve had has told me to determine who is my target client. Where do they shop? What food do they love? Where do they love to travel? What sports make them stand up and scream? What music do they like? What soothes their soul when it’s been a rough day.

But here’s the thing. My people are different.

They don’t fit in a box.

They are black and white and every shade in between.

They are American, Brisish, Canadian, Chilean, Chinese, German, Israeli, Japanese, Jordanian, Korean, Nigerian, Peruvian, Puerto Rican, Venezuelan, and more.

They are Buddhist, Christian, Jewish, Muslim. They’re Agnostic and Atheist. There might even be a Hindu in the crowd.

They are Democrats and Republicans. Conservatives and Liberals.

They’re straight and they’re gay.

Some love football and are die hard Auburn fans. And Georgia fans. And Tech fans. And Vikings fans.
And some think football is the silliest sport ever. (gasp!)

Some are stay-at-home moms. Some have fancy VP titles.

They are Marines and Sailors and Soldiers and Pacifists.

Some have surgeons’ hands and the letters to prove it in their professional titles.

Some have law degrees and fight for children’s rights, real estate divisions, or corporate security.

Some work at Wal-Mart or wait tables.

Some have tens of thousands to give to charities and show up so generously at fundraising events for their causes.

And others are living paycheck to paycheck.

My people are married, divorced, widowed, and single.

Some are parents and others are intentionally not. Some wish they were parents, but no amount of trying has made it happen. Yet.
Others are making it as single parents. With and without cooperative exes.

Some are covered in ink and filled with piercings while others can’t imagine having tattoos or extras holes in their bodies.

My people are outwardly, incredibly, and vastly different.

I love that.

But what makes them similar is they are kind.

They have a stellar sense of humor.

They love each other. So much.

And they value photographs.

They love photographs of each other.

Of the everyday moments.

And life’s big events.

Time has a way of speeding up. I’ve seen it as a parent and my children are growing up too fast. And I’m seeing it with my clients, growing up before my eyes.

I am proud of my people. For who they are and how they treat others.

I am honored to document their lives. Their relationships. Their love.