Photographs Matter – Happiness Is Found In The Backyard

Last week, we saw Joshelin’s favorite photograph was of her people. All gathered on her wedding day.

This week, we see her husband Sean’s favorite photograph which is a bit more recent.

So yesterday I was asked to find my favorite photo. I pulled up some great and amazing photos from through out my life. My amazing family, my loyal and awesome friends, the military, sports, etc.  I have been blessed with an amazing life. While I was moving into our new house today. I took this photo.  As I stood there watching my loving wife play with our furry kids. I felt something I have never felt before. I felt home, pure happiness, pure love, and so much more. I cannot explain the feeling. I felt my soul smile. I felt complete. This simple thing of playing fetch literally blew me off my feet. I am honored to be loved by such an amazing woman. This is my favorite picture in the world. Because the feeling behind it is something so special and so pure. I will remember this moment forever and no matter what happens I also now have a new happy place.  Thank you God for giving me this amazing moment. I love you Joshelin Heaton and thank you.

I love how photographs can transport us back to a moment, no matter how distant it becomes in the past.

Photographs are powerful. They can remind of us how good we have it.

How much we are loved.

And how much we love others.

Come back next week to see what marks a favorite photograph of her baby for one of my moms.