Photographs Matter – A Beach Wedding

Weddings are memorable days for most of us. Especially when it’s our own day (although, I honestly remember very little of my own wedding day. my memory stinks, hence there is a deep need to always be making photographs).

Joshelin shared this photograph taken on the sidelines of her wedding day. You can see the wedding photographer’s lens on the left. Yet it is this one that made an impact.

I have not received our wedding photos yet, but this photo is my favorite.

All of the family, loved ones and friends that helped every person in this picture be included in my husband’s and my wedding day is represented in every smile, every shy shoulder and every wind blown reed. The lighthouse represents a bright future for each and every person in its presence and reminds us to always cast light wherever we go; the beach brings together family, represents good times and God’s magnificence and a reminder to cherish the moment as well as our dreams. Love is family and family is created by those who love each other. This picture encompasses everything I felt on my wedding day from the joy of finally getting to marry my soul mate, the pride of having the most amazing father walk me down the aisle, being blessed with my mother being one of the ministers (and Sean’s Dad also sharing in this responsibility), and my parents being kind and generous hosts thus giving meaning to all of the minutes and hours every person in attendance dedicated to creating this perfect day. Each emotion holds value in the moment captured here. This is why it is my favorite photo. The focus isn’t on one particular person. The photo captures love being celebrated between families, dear friends and loved ones.

Come back next week to see her husband Sean’s favorite photograph.

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