Pear Tree Photography Atlanta Contest Winner – Announced

Some of you folks have an amazing facebook support system. There were serious contenders. Your friends and family rallied strong for you. Way to go!
Without further delay, I will announce that Heidi and Brian are the winners of this contest with a lead of five comments. Heidi, please let me know what photograph you want for your 16×24 canvas gallery wrap!

To the rest of my families and contenders, you all were so fabulous. Keep an eye out for a message tomorrow. There is something in the works for my people that will be taking advantage of the spirit of Cyber Monday.
I hope you are no longer traveling and able to spend this day with the people you love the most. I am now off to begin the cooking frenzy.
Happy Thanksgiving, my people.

the fine print + stats for the top three: Heidi and Brian received 64 comments, the Webb family received 59, the Pfister kids received 31. while some folks commented on multiple photographs and those were counted, folks who commented on the same family/couple more than once were only counted once. 

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